Deleting A Wire Queue

To remove an existing wire queue from your NewsRoom 5 system, first open the NfsAdmin program. Expand "Sites" from the left hand tree and select your server. Clicking on the "Wires" will display all available wire queues in the right hand preview panel as seen below. We will be removing the wire queue named "Local". 

Clicking back on the server root will display all available aliases in the right hand preview panel. Right click on the "Wires" alias and choose "Edit Alias" to launch the alias config dialog. 

With the alias config dialog open, click the browse button (3 dots) to see all current wire queues. 

Click to highlight the "Local" wire. Now click "Remove" and "Done" to delete the wire queue. Click Ok to the previous dialog to continue.

Finally, as with any and all changes, or edits to the system from the server-side (back-end) we will perform a "Service Load" to finalize the operation.

The service load is now done, and the server has updated the changes made to the NewsRoom 5 system.

Log into the NewsRoom 5 client and launch the "My Sites" tool to see the changes in the Wires. You can also launch the legacy wire viewer to inspect as well. The deletion was successful and the "Local" wire is no longer in the system. 

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