My-Sites Tool

The My-Sites  tool allows the user to browse, search, and edit content from the local NewsRoom 45 and remote systems from a single window.  The tool is designed to have a familiar look and feel to common internet web browsers and file manager.  Users can drag and drop and copy and paste between folders containing similar data.  Users can also drag and drop to and from the other tools in the NewsRoom program.  A preview panel provides the ability to view and preview an items contents without opening an editor.


The form contains four main elements:

  • Main Menu
  • My-Sites toolbar
  • Navigation Panel
  • Content List Panel
  • Preview Panel

Main Menus

The My-Sites window contains four menus available from the NewsRoom menu system

  • Browse
  • Files
  • View
  • Options

Browse Menu

  • Connect / Disconnect from server.
  • About
  • Exit


  • Refresh List
  • Refresh Folders
  • Detail View
  • Icon View
  • List View
  • Small Icons
  • Show Folders


  • Save Selected Items
  • Send local files
  • Edit
  • Edit Copy
  • Delete
  • Properties


My-Sites Toolbar

The My-Sites Toolbar is divided into a control bar and an audio preview toolbar.

Control Bar

The My-Sites control bar contains the following action buttons.

  • Connection indicator
  • Abort Connection
  • Home
  • Default Wires
  • Default Item Store
  • Default Audio List
  • Default Contact List
  • Default Fax List
  • Current Settings

Audio Preview Toolbar

The audio preview toolbar contains provides access to audio preview and playback functionality.  The commands available are:

  • Abort download
  • Stop Playback
  • Pause Playback
  • Playback Audio

Navigation Panel

The Navigation Panel Contains two elements, a navigation toolbar and a tree component.


Navigation Toolbar

The navigation toolbar provides commands related to navigating and locating folders in the navigation tree.

The navigation toolbar contains the following menu commands

  • Refresh Tree
  • Back in history
  • Forward in history
  • Move up to parent folder
  • Favorites
  • Add to Favorites


Navigation Tree

The navigation tree provides access to all of the data stores in NewsRoom 45 as well as remotely mounted systems.  By browsing and expanding in the tree the user can locate all of the available items in the system.


The Navigation tree popup menu provides additional commands.

  • New
  • Refresh List
  • Save Folder Items
  • Paste
  • Properties


Content List Panel

The contents list panel contains a toolbar which provide commands related to the contents of the list.  The Panel contains a toolbar and a list of items in the currently selected folder arranged in tabular form with the columns titles at the top.  The user can re-order the list contents by clicking on the column titles with the mouse

The panel contains a right click menu containing available actions for the selected item.


Content List MenuList Toolbar

The elements of the Toolbar are:

  • Refresh List
  • New Item
  • Edit Item
  • Edit copy
  • Delete
  • Reverse sort direction
  • Search


Preview Panel

The preview panel provides a toolbar and a preview of the currently selected item.  The preview panel also has two tabs on the right side to allow the user to view either the contents of an item or its properties.

The toolbar provides commands from changing the view of the current document.



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