NfsAdmin - The Config Program

The NfsAdmin program is the config program for your NewsRoom 50 Server.  

You can access the program from the desktop shortcut icon on your server.

The NfsAdmin program has Three main areas:
  1. A toolbar with drop down menus
  2. A Navigation Tree
  3. A List Area

All of the system's configuration are available through either the toolbar or the Navigation Tree.

In the NfsAdmin Program you can:
  • Configure the system
  • Manager users
  • Manage storage ( Create Wires, Audio lists, etc)
  • Configure audio automation
  • Install and Uninstall Services
  • Install and monitor licenses
  • Config wire filters
  • Configure news casts
  • Perform system updates
  • View system logs
  • and much more

Watch the video below for a tour of the program.

Documentation about specific aspects of the system will be covered in documents specific to the subject.

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