Understanding NewsRoom Storage

NewsRoom provides storage databases for numerous "News" data types.  These databases are most easily view-able by the system users in the My-Sites tool of the NewsRoom 5 Client.  (Seen Below)


"Item" An Item is the generic term used to describe any "news item".  This includes stories, audio clips, images, etc.  Specific terms such as "stories", "audio clips" may occasionally be used to describe these items.  We will refer to "Item Store Items", "Cast Items", "Audio Items", and "Image Items", etc. when we want to be specific.

Storage Locations


"Wires" or "Wire Queues" or "Wire Feeds" are a specialized databases used for incoming news content.  Usually from a news service or an internal news feed..  Stories in the wires are "Read Only", you can not edit them Directly.  However you can make copies of wire items for use in your news casts.  "Wire Queues" are of a fixed size and are self-purging.

Permissions [Add, Edit Copy, Search]
Maintenance: Automatic

Item Stores.
"Item Stores" are databases used to store the text items you are working on for today or a later date.  You can add, delete, and edit these kinds of items.  There are two kinds of Item Stores, "Shared" and "Private".  Shared item stores are available to all users in the system.  Each user in the system also has their own private working area in a private "Item Store"  specific to the user.  Item Stores have a maximum limit of 32000 stories.  They must be maintained and pruned if they get full.

Permissions [Add, Delete, Edit, Edit Copy, Search, Purge, Archive]
Maintenance: Manual

Audio Lists   
Audio lists provide storage for audio items used in your news casts.  The audio items in these lists can not be edited directly.  Users must make a copy of any audio items which require editing in order to avoid timing issues for any news casts already using the existing audio item.  Audio lists are of a fixed size and must be maintained.

Permissions [Add, Delete, Edit Copy, Search, Archive]
Maintenance: Manual

Casts are a specialized storage database for your "On-Air" news room Scripts. By default all uses have full access to the Casts. However specific rights can be assigned to any user for restricting access to the Cast content. Casts allow for a specific story order and are used in the OnAir t eleprompter. Casts can be updated by a user while the Cast is being aired by another users.

Permissions [Add, Delete, Edit Copy, Purge, Archive]
Maintenance: Manual

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