Adding An Image List

To add a new image list in your NewsRoom 5 system, first open the NfsAdmin program and select 'Storage'. Next click on "New Image List". 

Next, fill in the required text field with the name of your new image list and click Ok.

Your new image list has been created.

Finally, as with any and all changes, or edits to the system from the server-side (back-end) we will perform a "Service Load" to finalize the operation.

The service load is now done, and the server has updated the changes made to the NewsRoom 5 system.

With the NfsAdmin program still open, expand the list of containers within your server and click on "ImageLists" to view the newly created image list.


Log into your NewsRoom 5 client and launch the "My Sites" tool. In the left hand tree, expand the "Image Lists" container to expose the new image list named "Web Images". 

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