The User Interface

Description:  This document provides a brief overview of the latest KLZ software product, NewsRoom Remote 5 Chromium Edition.

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The NewsRoom Remote 5 client provides the user interface to the NewsRoom system.  Providing specialized tools for gathering, producing, and presenting content on-air.  

The Program Main Form


The main form contains the following screen elements:

  • Main Menu (see below)
  • Toolbar  (see below)
  • News Panel (see below)
  • Clock and Calendar
  • Ticker
  • Workspace 
  • Status Bar

A - The Main Menu

The Main Menu gives you access to program tools, and options using the following sub-menus:
  • Tools
  • Windows
  • Help

The Tools Menu


The  Tools Menu
  • Options - Program options
  • Network Options - Network save paths, groups, settings
  • Open Home Folder - Open the program data folder
  • Wire Capture - Configure feeds for local capture
  • Hardware Options - On-Air control settings
  • New Item - Launch the text item editor
  • My Sites - Launch the My-Sites network browser
  • Audio Editor - Launch the audio editor
  • NLE Editor - Launch the multi-track editor
  • Image Editor - Launch the image editor
  • Cast Editor - Launch the cast editor
  • On Air - Launch the On-Air
  • Web Browser - Chromium web browser
  • Exit NewsRoom (Close NewsRoom 5)

The Windows Menu


  • Show Status Bar
  • Show Tool Bar
  • Status at Bottom
  • Show button captions
  • Vertical Tile
  • Horizontal Tile
  • Cascade
  • Arrange Icons

The Help Menu 

  • Help on the web ( Program help )
  • YouTube channel ( How-to videos )
  • Program log
  • Check for update
  • Release notes
  • About NewsRoom

B - The Toolbar


The Tool Bar contains the following Tool Buttons:

New Item  - Launch the text editor

My Sites  - Open the network my-sites tool

M-Track  - Launch the multi-track editor

Audio Editor  - Launch the audio editor

Image Editor  - Launch the image editor

Cast Editor  - Edit your cast lineups

OnAir  - Open the teleprompter

Web Browser  - Chromium based web browser

Layout  - Manage and save predefined screen layouts

News Panel -  Close or re-open the news panel

Options  - Program and network options

Help  - Online NewsRoom help topics

C. News Panel

The "News Panel" is a new tool included in NewsRoom Remote 5. It is always visible and anchored to the left side of the program.  

The "News Panel" tool provides the following functions:
  • Instant Record Panel  - Allows for instantly recording audio to a local list
  • Audio Play back  - Preview/Playback of recorded audio
  • Local News  - Access the local NewsRoom.
  • Network News  - View incoming network news from the NewsRoom Server.
  • Preview panel  - (text, image, and video previews)

(For more information on "Local NewsRoom" and "Network NewsRoom" please refer to the help documents specific to those topics)


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