NR Remote 4.5 : Setting Program Options


Program Options:

From the main menu, click Tools and choose 'Program Options' (see below). In the 'Client Options' dialog, you'll be presented with three main tabs:

ConnectionSave Defaults and Audio Compression.



The Connection tab has a set of default time-out settings that can be adjusted by you, if need be.


The Save Defaults tab presents you with two save path windows ... one for Items and one for Audio.


The top window displays all of the available itemstores on the main hub site that you can post, or save to. Likewise, the bottom window displays all of the audio lists available to you for posting, or saving. Simply choose (hi-lite) a save path in each window, and set the last tab for any compression you require.

The Audio Compression tab allows you to send, as well as receive compressed audio ... if you choose to do so.


The compression sample rate can be set as low as 32kbs, and as high as 320kbs. By default these rates are set at 128kbs and the boxes left un-checked.

To send compressed audio to one, or more of the main site's playlists, simply check one (or both) of the boxes, and use the drop-down to set your desired compression rate. Once all three tabs have been set for your desired configuration, just click the Save button. You now have a basic Remote 4.5 program configuration .

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