Wire Viewer-  Filter

The wire filter dialog allows the user to define a permanent or temporary search of the wires based on a number of criteria. 

Select a wire queue you wish to search in the From Queue field for your quick filter.  You have an option to have this search results Auto update when the queue has been updated.  There is also an option to Warn on update which will cause the wire viewer window to flash when the contents of the filter have changed.

Date Searching can be specified either by the number of Days to go back or by a Date Range

Searching the wire queue can be limited to certain categories and priorities by selecting the specific categories and priorities in which you wish to search.  If there no categories or priorities are selected the setting is ignored and all categories and priorities will be searched in the queue

Info Search - Search for items by their info fields (Keywords, Source, Version).  The info search can either match on any of the info fields or all info fields by choosing the correct option.

Word Search - Search the document for the words listed.  Wire items contain a word list of the words found in the item for which you can search with the whole words check box.  You can also search the entire story text by check Full Text Search


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