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Segments are used to divide the lineup into related areas. These items are shown in a different color from normal items, and do not get displayed on the teleprompter screen. These items also display timing values for story content items appearing between this segment and the next lower segment cast Editor Tool.



Used to store, edit, and manage content within NewsRoom.

Creating Broadcast Lineups:

The primary component of the Cast Editor is the line-up control. The Line-up control shows you what stories are in the newscast and information about those stories. Users manage the show lineup by adding, deleting and positioning stories which are in the line-up window.  A drop down drop down selector located at the top of the screen allows the user to select the show they wish to work on.

Unlike other lineup editors which only allow 1 user to produce a broadcast lineup, the Cast Editor tool of NewsRoom allows multiple users to contribute to the cast at anytime.

Adding Stories
Adding stories to the cast lineup is as easy as dragging and dropping from the item store or another Cast Editor . As well, new stories can be created directly within the editor including the insertion of any audio actualities.

Adding Audio

Audio can be added from tool bar of the cast editor and is inserted into the text area of the story itself.  A selection dialog will appear allowing the user to locate and preview the audio which the user wishes to include in their story.
Managing Broadcast Lineups
Editors and producers can create special Segment and Annotation markers (grey) to denote different segments within the show. Segment markers (yellow) will add calculated time for all the stories in that segment and display the time in the marker heading.

Locking and Editing a Story.
The Cast Editor operates in two primary modes, view mode and edit mode.  Until you click on the lock symbol you are only viewing the currently opened cast. Content in the Cast Editor is stored in a text database which tracks which users are editing which stories. Think of the Cast Editor system the same way you would a Public Library, and the stories contained in the cast as books in the library. Only one user can have the book out at a time, when the book is return the next user can take possession of it. While all users can view any story in the line-up at any time in Newsroom, only one user can lock any particular story at a time for editing  purposes.


Preview and edit broadcast lineups at any time
Create stories with text audio or both 
Quick and easy lineup management
Open multiple casts simultaneously
Send stories direct to On-Air personnel
Extensive lineup / timing information
Update content from story to story
Detailed story creation data
Drag and drop stories from cast to cast
Controllable access restrictions or permissions
Full right-click functionality
Customizable tool setups
Broadcast exporting capabilities
User-saved settings and positioning
Real-time system-wide broadcast lineup updates


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