Menus/General Control

Insert - Toggle menus on or off

Scroll Mode Control

Enter/Space - Toggle Scrolling start/stop

Show/Cast Control

Shift + Home

- Top of currently loaded cast
Shift + End - Bottom of currently loaded cast

Story Control

Home - Previous story
End - Next story
Page Up - Previous screen of text
Page Down - Next screen of text

Text Line Control

While not scroll mode:

Up Arrow - Prior line of text
Down Arrow - Next line of text

While in scroll mode:

Up Arrow - Increase scrolling speed
Down Arrow - Decrease scrolling speed

Advanced features (not likely used in News):

Up Arrow - Prior scan line of current line of text
Down Arrow - Next scan line of current line of text

Closed Captioning Control

F1 - Enable closed captions
F2 - Disable closed captions
F3 - Run closed captions

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