NewsRoom 5 Cast Editor

The cast editor is used to arrange cast line-ups, as well as do any last minute edits before your on-air broadcast. The cast window has different 'time slots' that you'll go to air with. There's also a 'group' window to display a specific group, or station's custom casts.

You have the luxury of rearranging the order of your cast stories by simply grabbing a 'Story ID' tag and moving it up or down the line-up. The line-up will dynamically refresh with any new updates. Whatever is entered in the cast editor is also automatically added into the on-air module as well. The cast editor also lets you print a hard copy of your line-up, or stories from any time slot.


Segments are used to divide the lineup into related areas. These items are shown in a different color than normal items, and do not get displayed on the teleprompter screen. These items also display timing values for story content items appearing between this segment, and the next lower segment of the cast Editor Tool.

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