Wire Viewer - Filter

The wire filter dialog allows the user to define a permanent, or temporary (quick) search of the wires based on a number of criteria. 


Select the wire queue you wish to search in the From Queue field (below) of your quick filter. You also get the option to have the search go back hours, days, or years for results. Once your parameters are set for the filter, enter your 'Key Word' (slug-line), 'Source' (CBC/CNN/Etc). or simple 'Word Search' for all available results. 


In this example we've selected our wire queue, and will do a simple 'Word Search' for any news regarding the U.S. president. With our criteria entered we click on the 'Filter' button as seen below.  


We now see all the available results of our word search below. Each story in the 'All News' queue list contains a reference to the president. As mentioned earlier, you can also set up permanent filters for any news outlet, person, or subject that you follow.




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