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Description -   This document describes the new features of KLZ NewsRoom Remote 5 Chromium Edition.

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This is a major product update for NewsRoom Remote 5.

1.  Replacement of Internet Explorer with Google Chromium

We have replaced Microsoft Internet explorer with Google's chromium browser engine for all of NewsRoom's text display and editing.  This change also replaces the ActiveX control used for playing embedded audio with a new embedded audio player based on HTML 5.  All of your existing documents are compatible with the new version.

Tools affected by this change include:
  • Item Editor
  • Cast Editor
  • My-Sites browser
  • News-Panel text preview

2. Addition of "Local NewsRoom"

We have added a local NewsRoom database for users to use when they are working locally or offline. You can think of "local Newsroom" as a local Item-Store which allows you to store text, audio, images, and video. Local Newsroom is available from the My-Sites tool and News-Panel. You can drag and drop to the other Newsroom tools as well as the Network folders.

4.  Addition Peer to Peer Cast Sharing.

Newsroom Remote users can now share their local casts with each other in a workgroup setting.  For example, a user can create a cast locally on their workstation and then access that cast from the booth computer using the On-Air teleprompter. Users can also connect to the shared news casts located on the Newsroom server If they are on the same network.

5.  Other additions or enhancements

  • Enhanced layout support
  • Improvements to the News-Panel Layout
  • Native support for video.
  • Additions to the help system.

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