Configure Local Casts

Description:    This document describes the configuration of local casts in the NewsRoom Remote 5 program.

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From the Main Menu selecting / Options / Configure Local Casts will bring up the Cast config dialog to create, rename or delete any cast names or time slots.

Cast Config Dialog:

Server Tab - Shows you the default Server Pipe Name, Max Clients and Default Access (User Permissions).


Cast Tab - You can create, change and delete cast slot names/times. Add groups to a cast to organize views in the Cast Editor and On-Air.


Users Tab - Assign any users to Groups and their rights to cast files.

Group Tab - Create custom group names. Once created you can add specific cast names to the group. If you have 4 stations, and want a 24 hour cast line-up for each. Users will only see certain casts when selecting from the drop down of group names. The default group view is set to "View All". 


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