Network Options

Description:   This document describes the various network settings available to users of NewsRoom Remote 5.

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The Network Options dialog provides you with access to Network settings. These settings include your Default Save Paths, Audio Compression Settings, and Network Save Groups. 

Network Options Menu 

Default Network Paths - Page 1

Default network paths are inherited from the server, and are pre-configured for you by your system administrator. These paths can be modified by the user to suit their preferences.

Network Save Groups - Page 2

Network Save groups allow you to save text, or audio items to multiple network locations from a single save operation. For example, an audio clip may be saved to a network playlist, as well as one or more automation playback devices.

Audio Compression - Page 3

Audio compression options allow you to conserve bandwidth when uploading, downloading, and previewing network audio. These settings may be useful for users with network transfer limits, or slow transfer speeds.

Connection - Page 4

Connection options allow you to fine tune the network timeouts for your connection to a network server. These values may assist in situations where network connectivity, and ping times are not stable.

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