Program Options

 This document describes the "Program Options" for NewsRoom 5 Remote, and NewsRoom 5 Standard.

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The program options are accessed from the main menu or toolbar.


The Options Dialog

1. General Page

Program Options General tab

Theme -  NewsRoom comes with built in themes which you can choose from. There are light colored themes and dark colored themes. Some themes look better than others. Try some and find one you like.

Apply Theme Button - After you have selected a Theme you can apply your new selection to the program. Note that you must close any tool windows you have open before you can apply a new theme to the program while it is running.

Default Layout - If you have defined a custom layout you can specify one of them as the "Default" Layout which will open when you press the "Layout button" on the Main toolbar.

Update Source - This setting determines where the program will look for new versions to download when available.

  • "NewsRoom Server" - Get program updates through your institution
  • "Vendor" - Get program updates directly from the vendor.

Import Path - This is the default path, on your local computer, where you import items.

Export Path - This is the default path, on your local computer, where you export items.

Archive Path - This is the path of your local archive. When you archive something in the system it will appear in this folder and be accessible in Windows File Explorer.

Backup Path - This is the path of your systems backup. When you perform a backup, your system will create the backup in this path on your computer. You can also restore files from your backup by accessing them from this path.

Check for updates when program starts - Enabling this option tells the program to check for program updates when the program first runs..

Close dialogs upon Completion - Enabling this option tells the program to close any dialogs automatically after a program operation.

Dialogs Stay On Top - Enabling this option tells the program that any transfer progress dialogs should remain visible during transfer operation.

Hide News Panel at Startup (Not Recommended) - Enabling this option will hide the news panel when the program first runs.  Hiding the news panel is not recommended.

Connect to NewsRoom Server at Startup - Enabling this options tells the program to "Log On" to a NewsRoom server when the programs runs. This option provides the user with access to network resources where they can share content with other users.

Printer Setup Button   - Configure your default printer settings.

2. Audio Options

Program Options Audio 

The Audio Options Dialog provides system default settings for Audio Recording, Playback and Editing tools In NewsRoom 5.

Wave Colors (Audio Editor)
  • Wave Background
  • Wave Select
  • Wave Line
Enable Scrubbing - Allows Audio scrubbing in the Audio Editor Tool
Scrub Preview Time
Scrub Duration

Wave Style (Audio Editor)
  • Envelope View
  • Plot View 
Record Options
  • Sample Rate
  • Channels
  • Time in Tenths
  • Auto Record
Auto Clip Name
Auto Zoom

Audio Record Device
Audoi Playback Device

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