Image Editor

Description:    This document presents an overview of the Image Editor in the NewsRoom Remote 5 program.

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The new built-in image editing tool allows for the convenience of pasting a screenshot ( PrtScn keyboard button), or graphic into the editor for quick cropping, highlighting or text display. The editor consists of the main canvas, along with two toolbars, and a color palette.


Main Toolbar


- New Image
- Load Image From File
- Save Image To File
- Save To Network

Edit Toolbar


- Creates New Blank Bitmap
- Zoom In
- Zoom Out
- Zoom Normal Size
- Cut
- Copy
- Paste
- Crop Selection
- Scale
- Undo
- Redo
- Rotate
- Set Font Size
- Underline
- Italic
- Bold
- Image Attributes
- Pointer Tool
- Select
- Rectangle
- Ellipse Tool
- Brush Tool
- Pick Color
- Line Tool
- Pen Tool
- Eraser Tool
- Add Text
- Bucket Fill

Color Palette


- Current Color Selection
- Left Click To Set Foreground Color
- Right Click To Set Background Color

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