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Description:   This document presents an overview of the Multi-Track Editor in the NewsRoom Remote 5 program.

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The Multi Track Editor allows you to edit multiple clips, and add as many as 16 tracks in total. When launched it will prompt you to create a new project. Not doing so will present you with an empty editor titled "no project", as seen below.

rmt5-multitrk-no proj

Let's create a new project for editing. Launch a new multi-track editor by clicking on the  M-Track button from the main toolbar. You are presented with a new project dialog. Here you can name your project, select the sample rate, and choose whether to accept the default mono pcm, or choose stereo audio. When done click the OK button.


You now have 3 default track beds to import audio samples to, as seen below. 


Getting audio into your library is done by clicking on the Import Audio button (circled below) on the editors toolbar. With the file explorer dialog open, navigate to a folder containing audio on your system. Select a clip and click Open . The selected clips are now in your audio library. 



R. clicking within any track will give you the option of inserting an imported library clip, or if you happen to be connected to the main site (station), inserting a NewsRoom clip via the network. We will demonstrate both options of accessing the audio available to you. 


Choosing Insert Library Clip will launch a dialog with a list of audio cuts that you previously imported. You can click Play to sample the clip in real-time, or simply choose Insert to instantly add the cut to your project. 


Choosing  Insert NewsRoom Clip  will launch a dialog with


Once satisfied with the finished project, you can render it as one file, saving it anywhere on the network, to your local hard drive or directly to automation.

Video Tutorial

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