Description:    This document presents an overview of the On-Air module in the NewsRoom Remote 5 program.

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The On-Air tool is used to present your news live by using the built-in scrolling teleprompter.
You can test or preview any audio simply by using hotkeys, or with your mouse.

You can start the prompter scrolling by pushing the 'insert key', and fire an audio clip by hitting the space-bar. Users have the ability to 'can' a cast with the 'Fast Cast' option, where you record your voice at various places within the cast and insert actualities.

Scroll speed is easily adjustable for every user, and the built-in 'stopwatch' keeps track of your on-air time.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Menus/General Control

Insert   - Toggle menus on or off

Scroll Mode Control

Enter/Space   - Toggle Scrolling start/stop

Show/Cast Control

Shift + Home

- Top of currently loaded cast
Shift + End   - Bottom of currently loaded cast

Story Control

Home   - Previous story
End   - Next story
Page Up   - Previous screen of text
Page Down   - Next screen of text

Text Line Control

While not scroll mode   :

Up Arrow   - Prior line of text
Down Arrow   - Next line of text

While in scroll mode   :

Up Arrow   - Increase scrolling speed
Down Arrow   - Decrease scrolling speed

Advanced features (not likely used in News)   :

Up Arrow   - Prior scan line of current line of text
Down Arrow   - Next scan line of current line of text

Closed Captioning Control

F1   - Enable closed captions
F2   - Disable closed captions
F3   - Run closed captions

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