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Description:    This document describes the procedure of adding a save group in the NewsRoom Remote 5 program.

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Accessing the save to group configuration

The 'Save to Group' configuration is found in the Network Options Dialog, accessible from the 'Options' drop down menu on the Toolbar.


Adding a Text Save Group

Group saves can be custom made to save to multiple locations at once. Whether it be wire queues, Item-stores, or both, the group save gives you that versatility. This particular save group is called a Text Group (see below).  Clicking the "Add Text Group" button will populate a list of network "Wires" and "Item-stores" to choose from in the lower left pane. You can add as many save destinations as you prefer.

Add Text Group 

After the wire queues, or item-stores have been added, give it a name which properly describes it . Once completed, we hit the "Update Changes" button, and our list of paths are displayed.

Save Text Group 

Audio Save Group

Audio save groups allow us to send an audio cut to multiple locations on the network in a single action.  This can include internal audio lists as well as Automation playback systems (wide-orbit, media touch, etc) 

From 'Network Save Groups' tab select the 'Add Audio Group' button.

Add Audio Group
Add Audio Group 

This will populate a list of network "Playlists" to choose from in the lower left pane.  Choose your destination, give it a name, and click the add entry button. We can now click the "Save" button, and test the group save.

Save Audio Group

Audio Save Group

Sending an item to a 'Save Group'

When the you are editing a story in the item editor ( Html editor ) , you can now send an item to a the save group previously created.  After pressing the 'Send a Copy' button on the toolbar you can select the 'Save To Group' tab where you will be presented with a list of your save groups.  By pressing the 'save' button at the bottom of the dialog a copy of your item will be sent to multiple locations.  Similarly you can send an audio cut to multiple locations using the Audio Editor tool.

Save Text item to Group
Save Text item to Group 

Video Tutorial

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