Upgrading an existing system

1. Uninstall of the old software
  1. Run NRadmin and export Netfileshare.config as text file.
  2. DbData Folder must be renamed prior to server install
  3. Check if Contacts are in use.  Copy old newsroom.fbd to klz for upgrading.
  4. UnInstall old firebird database server
  5. Stop All NewsRoom Services
  6. Uninstall Archive Service if necessary
  7. Uninstall RSS Capture if necessary
  8. Uninstall NewsRoom Server
  9. Validate All services are uninstalled

2. Install Software 
  1. Install Dongle or prep software licence at KLZ
  2. Install Firebird 30 -64bit (Skip password setup)
  3. Install Flame Robin
  4. Install SqlLocalDB.msi - ( 4-7 if using SQ SRV )
  5. Validate database connections
  6. Install Visual C++ Runtime Dll Package ?vc_redist.x64.exe? version 14.0.23026- needed on Server OS?s for audio ingestion 
  7. Locate License to Install
  8. Install NewsRoom Server X64. msi (ie D:\NewsRoom50 - or 45 if upgrading direct msi install to custom location)
  9. Check if moving to software license or continue dongle use.
  10. At server open Sbin and run ConfigNewsRoomDemo.exe.
  11. Once license is prepared at klz, copy activation code.
  12. Enter Activation at nr5 server, paste check for unwanted spaces.
  13. Open NR5admin and import netfileshare.txt.
  14. Check to see if Registry entries written for NewsRoom
  15. Run NfsAdmin.exe
  16. Import license
  17. Input site name
  18. NfsAdmin is Running
  19. Check NFS Admin Log and _Global Log.  Read all messages.
  20. Check the Install folder ( C:\NewsRoom5 or 45 or 40 depending on new install or upgrade from previous KLZ news system installation folder )
  21. Check Settings Folder (programdata\Newsroom4\system\settings\ ) . If hidden type path in file explorer for access. 
  22. Check Event Viewer
  23. Check Windows Defender - 
  24. Check for third party Anti Virus programs ie ESAT , Symantec Corporate  - Exclude NewsRoom Folders and .file file types. Exclude active scanning of KLZ services and folders.

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