How to manage your NewsRoom 45 Audio Playlist

Your Playlist can fill up in one of two ways. Each Playlist allows a certain number of entries( 256, 512, 1024 and so on). This number cannot be increased once the list is made. Right click on the name of the list in question and you will see how much time, and how many entries are in the list. If we brought over a list from NewsRoom 40, it likely was made to only hold 256 entries as the server's hard drives were much smaller 10 years ago. Your new lists hold more entries.

Each Audiolist is allowed to take a certain amount of space on the server ( 1 GB, 4GB ?) This value can be increase once the list is full, however, if you have used up the allowed entries, you are full. Each AudioList allows a maximum size of each clip, it can be set to hold audio not larger than 5 min. - 1 hour. ( each clip. ) This value can also be increased or decreased depending on the clients needs.

The AudioLists are holding places for your audio, as long as you know where you put it , you can find it. The Playlists do not purge by themselves, it is up to you to keep them from filling up. The Feedlist is self purging, it deletes the oldest audio to make room for the next recording as the Feedlist normally fill up and is always full. ( when capturing audio feeds).

To see what space has been used, or the number of clips in the list, right click on the name of the list in question. You will see how much time, and how many entries are in the list. You can then manage it as you see fit. KLZ has a program that takes a list and turns it into wave file with the name you gave it and the NewsRoom digital ID number attached to the clip. Once it puts your audio in a folder you can then drag and drop the wave files to a DVD burner so its archived , and can be searched. You then delete the audio from the AudioList to make room.

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