This will re-set your Wire Viewer to format correctly for BN-CP news in NewsRoom 45:

Open NewsRoom 45
1.Open the Itemstore. If it opens on Public, Select Private Stores with the Private Stores button on the



( you must be logged in as a specific user )
2. Highlight the Local Setting folder.(contains your default settings)
3.a) Locate the Wire Viewer setting and highlight it.( do not open it.)

3.b) Delete the Wire Viewer setting by Right clicking on it, then Selecting Delete.
4. Open the Wires in Newsroom. (Notice the words on the main menu above the Newsroom Icons.)
5. Select Options on the Main Menu, Select Current Settings from the drop down menu.
6. This brings up the Wire Viewer Options. For List Background, Select Yellow or the Color you like. Make sure that View Text without Formatting is Unchecked.

Last step is to Save your settings:
7. Select Options , Save Settings, enter in Default as the name. Check the Open in same position for the Window to open in the same size next time you open it..
This will give each user the correct wire viewing settings.



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