NewsRoom 45 Wire Viewer

The Wire viewer form contains three main elements

  • A Toolbar
  • List section
  • Story Preview section


Filter Menu

  • Clear Filter - Clear the current filter results
  • Quick Filter - Create a temporary filter
  • Select Filter - Select a predefined filter
  • New - Create a new permanent filter
  • Edit - Edit the current filter

Filters are created and edited with  Wire Filter dialog which is also available from the toolbar.

Locate Menu

The locate menu provides commands for searching the contents of the currently selected item and locating items specifically by date.

  • Search Document
  • Quick Find dialog
  • Goto Date
  • Goto Time
  • Goto Number


  • Previous Item
  • Next Item
  • Copy Item To NewsBoard
  • Print Item
  • Save as text


  • Copy to Newsboard
  • Copy to ClipBoard
  • Save as text
  • Edit as Item
  • Print Item


  • Current Settings
  • Display Settings
  • Save Settings
  • Load Settings
  • Delete Settings
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