NewsRoom 45 OverView

The NewsRoom 45 client application provides the user interface to the NewsRoom system.  Providing specialized tools for gathering, producing, and presenting content on-air.  For users of NewsRoom 40 it has a similar look and feel but with additional tools such as a multi-track audio editor, save groups, and better network connectivity.


Main Form


The ToolBar

New Toolbar

  • Item Editor
  • Item Store 
  • Wire Viewer
  • Recorder (Instant record in audio editor)
  • Multi-Track Editor
  • Audio Editor
  • Audio List
  • Cast Editor
  • On-Air (teleprompter)
  • My-Sites 
  • Web browser
  • Contact Manager
  • Fax Viewer

Tools Menu


The tools menu provides access to the same tools on the NewsRoom 45 toolbar.  In addition there are several other menu items available

  • Program Options
  • Creating a local audio list
  • Mixer (windows mixer)
  • Edit Save Groups
  • Setup Printer
  • JoyStick Options
  • Hardware Options
  • Exit NewsRoom ( Close NewsRoom 45 )


  • View Alerts
  • Post Alerts
  • Clear Indicators
  • Current Settings



Windows Menu

  • Show Status Bar
  • Show Tool Bar
  • Status at Bottom
  • Show button captions
  • Vertical Tile
  • Horizontal Tile
  • Cascade
  • Arrange Icons

Help Menu

  • Online help
  • About NewsRoom
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